Monday, 27 April 2015

Cleanse week

You can't help but make it funny!!!

I'm doing another detox/cleanse week...not sure if it's a great step in my road to healthiness or I am just a sucker for punishment! LOL!

This cleanse is not just for the's a true liver/kidney/bowel purification program.

My poor body has been bombarded with ibuprofen, additives and preservatives for pretty much most of my life! I am working hard at undoing the negative effects of what these years have done to my internal organs, joints and muscles.

The owner of our local health food store recommended this cleanse to try:

So it will be an interesting timings with the 3 steps, working out, work, supplements and the amount of water I have to drink will be like operating a very fine-tuned machine. I have to make myself a daily schedule!

The whole point to it all is to be as optimally healthy as I can be....inside and out!

I am doing a very simple week of eating as week one on this program, I am going to cut out the "heavier" complex carbs (like yams, gluten-free bread, oatmeal,etc) and stick to fruit and vegies only. I will cut out the greek yogurt and be completely dairy free this week. And LOTS of water to flush out my system. Still eating in threes..a protein, carb and fat every three hours.

I am hoping the bowel part of this cleanse does not "kick in" at inopportune times :)

Doing something like this on a work week takes GREAT COURAGE!! HA!

And...although it has nothing to do with cleansing...just because it's's one more:

I'm sure you'll all be dying to hear the results next week...and I will be sure to let you know :)...I promise to avoid all the "crappy" details!!! lolololol!

ps...the turkey chilie recipe from last week is REALLY good!!!

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  1. Well I'm dying to hear the results. You're doing so awesome. I know I keep saying this but it's true. I mean I'm inspired to at least think about a cleanse.