Thursday, 16 April 2015

Headcold Strategies how I feel today!!

Yep...the blog post NOBODY wants to read!!

 When you are feeling great, you always think...OH...POOR BABY has a head cold...suck it up's just a little cold!! Until your the one with the head cold....then it's:

I always want to comfort myself with food when I'm sick...most "normal" people don't want to or can't eat...but no, I want ice cream and CARBS of any kind. I don't have the energy to cook healthy...just give me comfort foods! And working out....FORGET IT!!! I wouldn't last 2 nose is a never ending faucet of ugliness!

So I need a strategy today...and maybe the next few days. I need to keep myself accountable somehow so I don't just lay on the couch and get fat!
First of all...even if not one human being reads this...I blog...just to get it out, to make myself think about how to NOT fall into the old pattern of "I'm sick...I will eat anything I want"

I really want to think like a fit, healthy person through this. SO...I'm sticking to plan as much as possible. I will not graze all day and go for naughty, carby foods.
I really can't do any kind of hard workout...but the sun is shining and it warm and beautiful today so I will go for even a 20 minute walk. (SOOOOOO glad I'm on 6 days off right now!)
I am going to try and get a nap in today and get my body as rested as possible.
I WILL be STRONG and faithfully do Oil of Oregano drops under my tongue every 3 hours (if you have never done is NASTY...but I believe it helps get over the bug quicker) 

I can only breathe right now because of Dristan...hate to admit it...but I feel very panicky when I can't breathe through my it is what it is!

Well...if you are this far into reading this blog...I hope you have had a laugh or two...humor is supposed to be a good medicine...and it masks the whining and complaining I really want to do right now!

My whole household is in one stage or another of this crappy we are all in it together which in a very weird way, kinda helps! LOL!

SO now that I have put my strategy into words...posted this...I am held accountable to myself and to you! I will remember these words of wisdom...THIS TOO SHALL PASS!!!

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  1. Great post and yes I got a good laugh too. Paul and I have both been down with a cold. He's lost 5 pounds he didn't need to lose and I'm working on not gaining, go figure. Keep up the great job!