Monday, 6 April 2015

Looking "Normal"

It feels so good to go to a special event and feel like I look "normal"!

 It's just a great feeling to NOT stick out like a sore wear a dress and feel pretty. To not dread getting dressed up.

We attended a beautiful wedding this past weekend...a young couple that are like our own kids...I got to be "honorary" mom of the husband was "dad" and walked this most amazing young woman down the aisle.

It was a wonderful time with great friends and family. A bit of dancing was in order:
I had a total OFF PLAN daughter-in-law made the best gluten/dairy free cake EVER!! Better then any cake you will ever buy...she blows my mind...and the sugar kicked my butt!! LOL! But it was worth it!
gotta love the brides hand on the groom's butt!!

I love having the freedom to work on getting healthy but still living a real life!

Soooo...I was back on track the very next day and loving it!

 I'm off this week and have plans to be outside on the trampoline, a hike with my 3 oldest grandkids down by the river, and other fun sure to check in next week for all the details! :


  1. What wonderful wedding photos. You look terrific! And that cake looks awesome too.

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