Monday, 2 March 2015

A Couple of Recipes

Here's one I want to try this week:

This looks soooo good! I don't have the fiesta salsa mix...but I have a seasoning I think will work as a substitute.

One of my staple go to yummy snack/meals right now is an egg white/banana "pancake" Here is a great idea that is pretty much the same thing. I'm going to give a try just has a bit more "oomph".

Do it more like a crepe.
3 Oz of egg white
1/8 cup pineapple.
Blend in Bullet (or blender)
Cook in fry pan w/ coconut oil/spray on med/low. Top w/ fresh berries and nuts.

(Great balance of protein/carb/fat) YUMMMMMMMMMY!!!

Another idea I'm going to try is instead of using just plain water with my vanilla flavored protein powder...I'm going to use chilled caffeine free chai tea for my next protein shake....sounds so good...I'll let you all know how that turns out.

We have a new Gluten free bakery in town. I love that they use only the Dolphin water (talked about in a previous post) in all their baking.
I went in there today to ask about gluten free wraps...I am not having any luck finding a good store bought one. First of all....they taste horrible! But more than that, they just crumble and fall apart when you try and roll them...SO...what's the point right? Anyway...the owner is doing up a special order for me of wraps she makes for her own family. I'm going to pick them up in a few excited to try these...I'll let you know how it goes once I give them a try!!!


  1. looks delicious! so going to try the chai protein shake!

  2. I'm totally excited to hear how everything tasts! Please let us know soon... :):):) great crape idea too! Xoxo