Monday, 23 March 2015

Loving being free of Gluten!!

I NEVER would have thought I could be Gluten free in my diet. I'd say other than the odd bit on my one off plan meal per week...I am truely gluten free!

We have a wonderful new bakery here in Mission...completely gluten free and run by a lovely woman named Yvonne.

I had Yvonne make me up some wraps a few weeks ago...she did them fresh right on site. They were FANTASTIC!! She gave me great instruction on how to make them up and store them for the best freshness. I called her this morning and asked her to make me up another 1/2 dozen...and by 2:00 they were ready (still warm!!!) Such amazing customer service!

She carries many items:

If you live in or near Mission sure to check out Yvonne's'll be glad you did!
If you don't...check in your area for a bakery such as this...hopefully you will get the same care and attention to customer service as I have gotten at YB!!


Give them a call for address and store hours!


  1. I so wish we had a gluten free bakery here!!!

  2. woo hoo for gluten free!! I need to check out the bakery one day. You are amazing, love you!