Tuesday, 17 March 2015


I think I am finally starting to understand this! I've prayed for years for the Lord to help me get to a place in my life where me and food have a healthy understanding.

I have never really had much control in that area. Food has always been my go to thing for comfort, fun, activity, reward....etc....you get what I'm saying.

I also realize just how addictive processed foods and refined sugar are....they make you crave and want MORE...so it's all you think about at times.
So now that I am eating clean...no refined sugars, no processed foods, no diet soft drinks, gluten free, dairy free, aspartame free...I very rarely crave the foods that kept me "living to eat".
I'll be honest, there is still a moment here and there where I cave...but those moments are getting fewer and further between.
And when I do have an "off-plan" meal or day...it's just that, a meal or a day. Not EVERY meal or EVERY day!
I believe it's important to have foods I enjoy...and the odd "treat"....just not to make them my focal point....life's too short to NEVER have a piece of pie! :)

I used to feel like this

Now it's more about this!

Here is one final saying I thought was so true:
So...."ONWARD HO" and here is to all the wonderful things in our lives that deserve our focus and our attention...like our amazing family and friends, those moments that make memories and the love we have in our lives.

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