Tuesday, 10 February 2015


                  The silent, subtle trickster!


I think my hardest part of the day...the time I struggle with little thoughts that want to trick me into eating things, or thinking I want to eat things, is the evenings.
My husband works from 5pm to 5am. Three nights one week, 4 the next.
In winter time especially, the evenings can get a little boring for me at times.
I have always turned to food to fill the time for me...I would graze all evening long till bedtime.

So there are a few things I've found that are a help:
I will do something creative like make cards, or keep my hands busy with crochet.
Go upstairs and visit with my kids/grandkids
phone a friend
write a blog post :)
go meet with friends for tea
re-organize my closet.....etc, etc, etc

I find summer time so much easier in this sense,,,so much more can be done outside in the evenings.
What have you found that fills the wintery boredom times and does not involve food...I am so very open to hearing some great ideas!

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