Sunday, 8 February 2015 CAN learn to embrace it!!

                      Shake you BOOTY!!

I have always thought Helen Mirren is a pretty darn good example of a mature, beautiful classy woman.
She will be 70 this year....70!! Now...I really don't know if she's had any "work" done, but I love that she looks healthy (not skinny), she dresses appropriately and obviously keeps herself in good shape.

I could totally handle looking like this when I'm 70!

On that note...I was never a huge "exercisy, outdoorsy, sporty, athleticy" type person. Growing up...I always tried to get out of P.E. My mom tried to get me into cross country skiing...I went twice. The ONLY sport I seemed to be somewhat good at was fastball. I have always had every excuse to get out of any kind of physical activity (unless you count shopping as phsical activity! :)


This last three years, something has definitely changed...I started "moving" more....walking, biking, even yard work. Now, I am even doing a work out routine that includes weights, resistance bands and exercise balls along with walking and doing sprints on the treadmill.  And I actually LIKE it. I have embraced MOVING. I am realizing more than ever how important it is as I get older that I don't become sedentary. I still probably sit around more than I should especially in the winter (it's pretty hard to crochet on the treadmill...HA!) but it is my goal to become more and more active as I continue to get to my healthy place!
Summer is coming...eventually...then I will be out on the trampoline, biking and walking, playing with my grandkids.
In six years my mother had 2 hip replacements, a major back surgery and a knee replacement surgery. This resulted from a lifetime of being overweight and sedentary. I am very determined to NOT end up in a place like that. It's painful and difficult to go through, recoveries are tough and it is not easy to be the is my great hope and prayer that my husband and children will not have to experience what I had to go through with my mother.


What about you like to walk (or skip or jump or bike...) are you wanting to become a more active you? Or have you learned to embrace any activity lately? Leave me a comment and let me know where you are at....I'd love to hear it!

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