Friday, 6 February 2015



I have never loved drinking water. Unless I was dying of thirst. It tasted tinny and gave me an almost heartburn type feeling when I would try to drink the 8 cups a day "they" recommend. I always had to flavour it with Crystal Lite or Starbucks Refresher...which of course, defeats the whole purpose!

Then a friend of mine told me about Dolphin Water.


This water is amazing. It has a wonderful non-tinny fantastic phenomenal taste.....that in itself has sold me...BUT WAIT...theres MORE!! ;)

My friend had one of the worse cases of eczema I have ever see, Her hands in particular looked like a burn was painful for her and painful to look at. She started drinking this water and within weeks was completely clear. I do we know it was the water? A couple of months ago she went to California for a little over 2 weeks. While there she didn't have her Dolphin Water..and sure as shootin..the eczema started coming back. Once home and back on her water...she was clear again within a few days!

Water is so good for flushing out the toxins (incl. fat) from the body...but only works if you can actually be drinking the amounts you need to. Why not have it doing even more for us while we're at it.
Whether it be eczema, acne, psoriasis or just for over all great health...this water is "where it's at" for me.

You can get this water for a reasonably low price in Mission BC. The owner, Dolph has people coming all over the province to get this water.

Dolph and his team have been so wonderful to us...always friendly and helpful in so many ways. And so very knowledgeable on health related issues. This water is oxygenated, micro clustered, has negative ions (antioxidants) and is infused with trace minerals. If you want to know him...or better yet, go see him if you can...he can explain better how it works. All I know is that even my own skin is clearer and smoother since I've been on 51, I'll take all the help I can!


  1. I'm happy to be following you now. The Dolphin Water sound amazing but is it something you can only get locally? Of late I've only been getting in about 32 oz
    ( guess that's just shy of 1 liter ). Thanks for the good reminder.

    1. Hi Sharon...yes, as far as I know it is a patent by Dolph here in Mission....hmmmmm....maybe you'll have to come for a visit this summer!! :)

  2. This is great to know, thanks so much for sharing, and warm greetings from a baby boomer in Montreal, Canada. :)

  3. This is great to know, thanks so much for sharing, and warm greetings from a baby boomer in Montreal, Canada. :)

    1. Thanks for reading's always so interesting to me how the world can be so close via something like a computer! :)