Sunday, 15 February 2015

How can you cheat if your not dieting?



 I am on an "UN-DIET" !!!......WHAT???

I have been on many "diets" in my life. I remember in high school I lost 25 pounds just eating hotdogs ( read right!) and salads and drinking unsweetened grapefruit juice.
I have done Weight Watchers a couple of times, I have done the no-carb thing, I had one time where I just cut out all refined sugar (which is a good thing...but in my mind, it was just temporary...a means to an end). I have counted calories, points, and whatever else I needed to count.
What every one of these times in my life have in common is that they were all "just temporary" A way to get to a certain goal weight. I lost weight on every one of them and I put all the weight back on plus some pretty much every time. Let's face long can you really live without ANY carbs? Especially the complex carbs.
How long can you choke down unsweetened grapefruit juice?
Even the last time I was on Weight Watchers...I was determined it would be a "lifestyle" for me...but once I stopped tracking (writing everything I ate down) eventually I would fall into bad habits and the portions would become bigger and bigger...and the weight would start to creep on.

I am learning a new way of eating. I HAVE determined I am not on a diet (a temporary way of life). I must stress...I am really taking one day at a time with this and so FOR TODAY I am eating in a whole new way! buddy, the one who introduced this to me, shared how a friend of hers took the word "CHEAT" out of her vocabulary (in regards to food anyway)....I LIKE that. I am not cheating...I may have an off program meal, or day or evening, but I will get right back on program the next meal or day.

It is actually good to have an off plan meal once in a while. Once a week my husband and I go out for a meal. It is actually good for the metabolism to do do a little "jump start" our bodies don't get used to the same thing ALL the time....hey...what can I's working for me!

I still make my healthy choices, I like being on plan, I feel the best when I am eating every three even portions of protein, carb and fat. I feel light and I don't feel "bloaty"

SO...yesterday was Valentines Day...and hubby and I "indulged" Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.
At the moment it was good...we enjoyed it and our time with each other...REAL LIFE!
But I did pay the price...I could feel the sugar in my body...I had weird full body shakes and had a very hard time sleeping. I felt queasy. I did not enjoy this sensation. SO, not something I will do again very soon...I like feeling good and sleeping good way more. But I didn't beat myself up over it. I didn't decide to just "give up" everything because of one off plan evening. I got right back on it! And did not feel any guilt.

I love this new way of life...I love my UN-DIET!!


  1. Seriously... HOT DOGS! Thats the funniest thing I've ever heard of! And that you lost weight... Even funnier!!! Thank you dear friend for posting all this encouagement. It's getting me geared up. I look forward to hearing more..... ������

  2. Great post! I too like to think of my eating style as making good healthy choices with proper portion control most of the time. I find that making good choices is an ongoing everyday commitment and effort on my part. It's OK to have the occasional treat, like on Valentine's Day. We did nothing wrong, we just now continue on with our healthy choices for the rest of the day.
    Thanks for the reminder!